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At T&DC, we can assess and assist in all areas of your supply chain:


Planning process


Recommend efficiencies



In all cases we will work with you to identify service improvements or changes to reduce your logistics costs.

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Our Vision: To continue to be innovators in the supply chain industry

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Service Areas

T&DC can provide:

  • Domestic freight reviews
  • International freight reviews
  • International courier reviews (Incl to and from NZ & Australia)
  • Project management of logistics and supply chain reviews
  • Integrated Transport Management IT Solutions
  • Carrier supply agreement reviews and Service Level Agreement structured solutions
  • Tender or RFQ projects – creation to implementation
  • 3PL/4PL warehouse reviews
  • Workflow process project reviews for all warehouse operations
  • Audits of warehouse racking layouts
  • Cost reduction and supplier reviews for all transport and warehouse consumables
  • Pallet usage, management and sourcing reviews/solutions
  • Carton and Packaging consumables Reviews

3PL & Warehousing

Did you know we also offer third party logistics services?

  • Third party logistics services;
  • Secure storage
  • Local and national distribution
  • Picking and packing

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For warehouse and 3PL services visit our sister site, Emmjay Warehousing Solutions.

Logistics Consulting


Depending on the type of business you run, your supply chain is fundamental to your long-term success. When it is structured efficiently, your supply chain can become your competitive advantage.


We have the market presence and knowledge to ensure you minimise risk and exposure due to poor practices or incorrect providers.

Our involvement with your business enables you to gain a logistics and supply chain competitive advantage.

First you need to consider:

For long term success an organisation must consistently achieve the following critical success factors.

  • The right products representing the brand
  • A competitive price point representing that brand
  • Product to the marketplace to meet customer requirements and marketing plans
  • Product standard dictated by the brand
  • Margin that adds value to the organisation

Economic conditions can place stress on a business, such as:

  • Pressure at point of sale placing strain on margins
  • Extreme competition in terms of more branding and product offerings leading to a battle for a retail space and/or the retail dollar
  • Immediacy of product, compromised by long lead-times placing stress on managing forecasts while minimising stock outs are contrary to achieving those critical success factors

The traditional supply chain model does little to alleviate these issues. In fact, it can compound the problems. Organisations must look to add competitive advantages to its supply chain by increasing efficiency while lowering cost.

This can be achieved through distribution to marketplace from source.

Potential suppliers can structure their capabilities vertically, not relying on agents using ad-hoc systems not tailored to your market, customers or requirements.

This allows potential suppliers to be:

  • Aware of pre-requisites that must be established prior to initial launch
  • Responsive to your specific requirements
  • Leaders in your field


Bill Corless

Supply Chain Benefits

There is no longer the need to focus on one hub point at destination. Product can be delivered directly to where the demand is already configured for sale. Existing clients (retailer, wholesaler globally) enjoy considerable savings compared to the previously employed supply chain practices. Considerable savings are generated and distribution process time is significantly reduced in some cases by a significant number of days.

Supply Chain Scanpack at Source

T&DC has recognised you need a competitive advantage in your supply chain. In challenging the traditional concept of a supply chain we have recognised the need to:

  • Make decisions closer to the marketplace
  • Have stock store ready AND store delivered
  • Eliminate double handling costs
  • Eliminate duplication of freight costs
  • Move to a variable cost model from a fixed cost model
  • Add flexibility to the supply chain, delivering product to multiple markets without having to recreate the supply chain
  • Lower the overall cost of the logistics equation

From the suppliers’ facility to an offshore processing facility in any location in the world, orders can be processed at a SKU level by store, delivered either directly to the customers shop front, or to a warehouse anywhere in the world.

Supply Chain Information Technology

A proactive supply chain IT system which is both flexible and cost-effective can create and deliver the following benefits:

  • Stock control capabilities
  • Uploading of your purchase orders and customer orders
  • Transmission to you of receipted stock data and advanced ship notice
  • Full scan pack capabilities
  • Carton label formatting compliant with major retailers
  • Detailed suite of reporting capabilities to ensure full audit trail
  • Inclusion of consignment note number on labelling adding efficiency and making domestic distribution seamless
  • Trading EDI gateway enabling cost effective interfacing to your ERP system, capable of handling all your EDI traffic

Supply Chain Visibility

To answer the question of “Where is my stock?”. There are many supply chain tracking tools that allow you to have immediate visibility via web access of:

  • Purchase order status
  • Received into offshore processing facility
  • Not received into offshore processing facility
  • Pick Slips
  • Not Commenced
  • Completed
  • The same web portal accesses
  • Full audit trail of transactions
  • Shipping details
  • Domestic delivery tracking
  • Dashboard and management reporting


T&DC have researched and tested many freight management systems available both locally and overseas.

We have concluded that IFS SmartFreight® written and supported by Interactive Freight Systems right here in Australia was head and shoulders above anything else around.

T&DC and IFS have formed a strategic alliance to bring SmartFreight® to our clients and provide them with the very best solution to manage their logistical needs both now and in the future.

Transport And Freight Analysis System (TAFAS)

Transport and Freight Analysis System is an in-house application developed specifically by T&DC to allow us to import your freight activity when invoiced and compare the charges to that which appear on those invoices.

TAFAS will compare the charges made by your respective carriers and we match them to the agreed rates T&DC has negotiated on your behalf. In any circumstances where a consignment has been overcharged, your customer service representative will make the required adjustment to your invoice and notify the transport carrier.

Just another way T&DC simplifies your experience with us. For more information, please send us an email.

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T&DC Pty Ltd – Leaders in Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting

Our involvement with your business enables you to gain a logistics and supply chain competitive advantage.