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T&DC is a solution-focused consulting company, specialising in all aspects of supply chain change management.

Our misson. Our commitment!

We take our time to understand your needs, to improve your bottom line, by providing innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions to overcome logistical and supply chain challenges.

We create a lean business approach, to streamline your processes, unlock growth and reduce costs with increased productivity and efficiency.

The Process

Initially, we offer a no-cost, no-obligation & strictly confidential benchmark review of your current logistics and supply chain strategy.

This gives our skilled staff at T&DC an intimate appreciation of your current processes, what you would like to work more effectively and where you would like to see the end goal for the future.

If you’re after logistics savings, please give us a call.

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Our Vision: To continue to be innovators in the supply chain industry

If you’re after logistics savings, please give us a call. T&DC will reduce your costs.

Why work with a supply chain consultant?

We help you plan, identify any inefficiencies in your supply chain, recommend improvements and help you analyse the results. Measuring the results of any supply chain review is vital! At T&DC we go to great lengths to ensure all improvements are carefully monitored on all of our projects.

T&DC clients have enjoyed some or all of the following long term benefits:

Cost savings

Cost-saving of 10% – 40% by:

  • Optimising transport networks and improving fleet utilisation
  • Improving planning processes.
  • Ensuring effective procurement of transport providers and improving audit processes for carrier charges.
  • Creating an internal function that can deliver continuous improvement in transportation.

Transport Network Optimisation

  • National, regional or global network design.
  • Impact of improved planning, mode changes, routing changes or infrastructure rationalisation.
  • Scenario modelling and total cost comparisons.
Cost Control

Transport Procurement

  • Tender management – domestic road transport to global freight forwarding.
  • Fleet management.
  • Selection of appropriate potential suppliers through an RFI
    Design, structure and detailed specification for a formal RFQ tender.
  • Analysis of bid responses so we ensure the best fit.
  • Contract & service level agreement support.

Project management & Implementation

  • Project management support for operational changes.
  • Accompanying IT requirements such as TMS.
  • Change management planning.
  • Measuring savings made.
  • Ongoing transport advice.
Transport Management Systems
Supply Chain

Improving supply chain responsiveness and flexibility through:

  • Process re-design.
  • Organisational changes to maximise efficiency.
  • Delivering IT improvements.

Improving reliability and customer service through:

  • Introducing a performance management system.
  • Producing service level agreements (SLAs) with carriers.
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) implementation to measure performance.
Customer Service
Transport Optimisation

Improved financial management of freight spend through:

  • Visibility of costs at shipment or transaction level.
  • Providing cost to serve information.
  • Improved budgeting processes.
  • Accurate monthly reporting of freight spend
  • Improved freight bill audit and checking processes.

Do you want to:


Save $$ on your current logistics and supply chain costs?


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T&DC Pty Ltd – Leaders in Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting

T&DC will conduct an initial benchmark review of your current logistics and supply chain strategy. This benchmark review is initially conducted at no cost to you, with no obligation on your part to take up our recommendations and is conducted on a strictly confidential basis.